We, Node1, are happy to announce our new joint venture with our friends from Silicon Canals: Digital Waves. Digital Waves is a brand new online talk show with successful start-up entrepreneurs based in the Netherlands. Host Remco Janssen sits down with them and asks after their hardships, highlights and pivotal moments on their road to success.

Some of the recurring themes we will discuss are:

  • why they have chosen for this journey
  • the adventures they have overcome and how digital made an impact on their business
  • what they are still looking for in order to bring their companies to the next step

A primer for Quicargo

First, we start off with Quicargo CEO Avishai Trabelsi. Quicargo is a tech startup that connects businesses to trucks with empty, unused space.

Enjoy watching the videos and do not forget to subscribe to the Youtube Digital Waves channel:


Produced by Node1’s Ubideo and Silicon Canals.

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