Fox Sports

In 2013 Fox Sports acquired the broadcast rights of the Dutch premier league called Eredivisie Live. Node1 helped Fox Sports to rebrand all digital assets like the website, apps and over the top (OTT) apps.

Agile Program Management,
Agile Coaching


In less than six months, before the start of the new competition, all digital customer-faced assets needed to be rebranded. A project with a pretty hard deadline; we couldn’t postpone the start of the competition! Besides the rebranding Fox Sports also wants to use their own data provider. This data provider migration had a serious impact on the back-end service architecture.


Introducing the Agile Scrum way of working to the external teams had a great impact to achieve the short term goals. With the right focus four Scrum teams worked for six months together on the most important issues. The customer embraced this way of work and really understood the importance to prioritize issues, giving trust to the teams and that following a plan is less important than responding to change. In the short period of six months we’ve managed to rebrand the most important stuff, migrated to the new data provider and managed a serious architectural change.

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