Klarna is simplifying buying and started in 2005. They are committed to make online shopping easy and hassle-free. It’s their mission from the start.

API portal
Hosted Payment Template
Integration w/ Shopify
Integration w/ Amadeus


Founded in Stockholm in 2005, Klarna offers safe and easy-to-use payment solutions to e-stores. At the core of Klarna’s services is the concept of after delivery payment, which lets buyers receive ordered goods before any payment is due. At the same time, Klarna assumes the credit and fraud risk so that retailers can rest assured they will receive their money.

For Klarna we have designed, developed and implemented a turn-key solution for an international checkout platform. We have helped to improve the time to market for this fast growing company.


Together with Klarna’s software architect Node1 designed and implemented an API portal based on REST/JSON architecture. The goal that every ecommerce site should use Klarna’s payment solution in the form of a hosted payment page in just a view clicks was reached.

Meanwhile Klarna made a deal with Shopify to implement a generic solution for all Shopify based ecommerce sites. This solution introduced a hosted payment page that can be customized by individually Shopify merchants.

Another significant addition was the specific integration with the international travel ecosystem Amadeus. After the implementation all European airline ticket offices can use the generic Klarna hosted payment page to sell their online tickets.

Link to the Klarna Development portal to integrate the hosted payment page / Klarna Checkout:

Amadeus and Klarna:

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