Ubideo, a channel independent live streaming platform, is one of the spin-offs of Node1. From scratch we’ve developed the product vision and strategy and started to develop and test it from the very first month. In the last two years Ubideo has evolved from a vulnerable MVP to a mature scalable live video platform.

Digital Strategy, API Strategy, Lean Startup
Interaction & Visual Design, App development, Web Development, DevOps
Adword Marketing, Groth Hacking


Nowadays video live streaming with smartphones, drones and other cams is commodity. Every self respecting platform like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube supports a live streaming option.
When we started with Ubideo in May 2014 we were one of the first who had a vision how the world of video live streaming would look like nowadays. Wired live streaming with big camera’s wasn’t new, but live streaming with a smartphone on a 4G network was!


With a lot of energy, courage and confidence we started to design, code and test a real time video streaming platform called Ubideo. In May 2014 no affordable SaaS solutions for streaming was available, so we’ve designed and created a complete streaming API portal based on a robust and scaleable back-end system.
Ubideo has grown from a small pioneer solution to a mature SaaS platform for video live streaming. Read more about live content based on your channels and your conditions on http://ubideo.com.

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