APIs Are Large Enterprise Dealmakers

by | Dec 3, 2014

APIs are large enterprise dealmakers

In the coming months we will publish a number of articles on API’s. In the articles we will discuss:

  • Why organizations should see APIs as strategic assets for fast innovation
  • Who should use APIs
  • When they should consider doing so
  • Where to use APIs
  • How to use APIs

In a recent “The Innovator Spotlight Interview” of Apigee Brendan Hayes of The Weather Underground elegantly and succinctly summarizes the reasons why APIs are so powerful in providing flexibility, agility and speed to innovation.

Here are the key takeaways of the interview, which you can watch below:

  • APIs make sharing of data easy
  • APIs make in-house mobile apps and web pages more efficient and faster
  • APIs make previously siloed data sources accessible to the entire enterprise
  • APIs make deal-making with large enterprise more easy
  • APIs make obtaining more contextual and accurate data more easy
  • APIs allow to standardize and reuse data
  • APIs prevent cumbersome customization efforts for every new client

In addition to these takeaways we believe that a key benefit of APIs is that they allow to scale in the cloud. Another important benefit is that they also enable compartmentalization of architecture components. Protecting as a result against cascading failures. As Brendan Hayes argues the key to a successful API strategy is listing and working together with the developer community. In the same vain, an agile working method and flexibility is fundamental for the success of API projects.

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