How to build a thriving startup ecosystem and our contribution

by | Apr 4, 2017

How are great startup ecosystems builds? An important question for many economies around the world. It’s a question that has troubled a lot of policy makers. But we dare to argue that thinking from first principles the answer to this question is quite simple: increase the free flow of information.

The best evidence supporting this is Silicon Valley, the world’s epicenter of entrepreneurship and innovation. Anna Lee Saxenian has written about this eloquently in her seminal book Regional Advantage. Silicon Valley won the game from Boston’s highly innovative Route 128 exactly because the walls of information between all the different stakeholders were torn down.

Even competitors exchanged information between each other as the video of one of the hub’s ‘Walker’s Wagon Wheel Restaurant, shows below. The idea was ‘we are in this together’ and lets help people, because people also helped me when I was just starting off. Give it forward. The result was that the tide for all boats was raised.


We believe that the same thing is slowly taking hold in the Netherlands and particularly in Amsterdam. By their nature startups share information freely with each other and corporate companies and other stakeholders in the ecosystem are increasingly doing the same.


It’s this line of thinking and our deep desire to push innovation  forward that we organised our first official Node1 meetup March 23 at Bar Bukowski. Many more will come. This will be our ‘Walkers Wagon Wheel.’ A place where we come together, teach and learn and drive innovation forward.

Bart Termorshuizen from more awesome was one of the speakers of the meetup, and spoke about the importance of messaging and storytelling. A topic that is critical for good communication, especially in the B2B setting and a topic we constantly need to be reminded off. Core takeaways: storytelling is a key competency for marketeers. Best part of getting good at storytelling? “watch a lot of movies!”, says Termorshuizen. If the movies you have to watch are as good as Pulp Fiction, than we are all!

Hank van Dijk, a veteran marketeer has joined forces with Real Madrid setting to launch Footscout. A platform that is going to democratize the search for talent and the possibility for every talented footballer to become a professional footballer. It’s doesn’t matter if he or she is from the corners of Alaska or from the heart of Amsterdam.

During the meetup Colin bumped into a story about Facebook. “The guest told me Facebook is mainly developed in the iconic blue color because founder Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness. I’ve never thought about such a innocent aspect and such an iconic marketing result. Talk about storytelling”


Colin Hink

Colin Hink is a Amsterdam student and currently doing his internship at Node1 for his business study. During this internship the focus is on social media & community relations. Currently he is writing a research paper on difficulties and bottlenecks in the social media platform.

Samir Saberi

Samir Saberi is a partner and consultant on digital strategy, customer development, product management and growth marketing to corporate clients at Node1 and a mentor to a range of startups and co-founder of the premium blog on the Dutch startup ecosystem StartupJuncture. Previously he was an advisor on the Dutch startup ecosystem to former EU commissioner and Special Envoy for startups Neelie Kroes. He also helped her team to launch StartupDelta, the Dutch national initiative to promote the Dutch startup Ecosystem. Samir is collaborating with Erik stam, professor in Utrecht, to write the first book about the dutch startup environment.

Do you want to know more about the meetup? Contact Samir!

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