‘Every customer is a digital customer’

by | Sep 21, 2014

‘Every customer is a digital customer’

In a connected world customers are ‘digital customers’ Accenture claims in the Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Research. In this succinct, but insightful report Accenture outlines the building blocks for a digital strategy for public and private organizations playing to win or outpace competitors. To win the hearts and minds of digital customers organizations need to be:

• Hyper relevant. That is, predict the demands and wishes of customers at any point in time in any channel by effectively utilizing ‘big data.’
• Providing relationship at scale or on the individual level. Apply technology to retain the intimacy the local grocer in the past had with its customers.
• Providing seamless or Omni-channel integration across every touch point with the customer. Digital channels can, for instance, not be build up while keeping analog channels and interactions status quo.
• Applying a mobile first or inherently mobile strategy
• Naturally social. Customer consider social as the ‘new normal’ or yet another way to communicate, collaborate and get information.

For organizations ‘playing to win’ there is up to $5.9 trillion in revenue “at play” globally, as consumers choose to switch between product and service providers. Not bad.

The report reveals some interesting data points at the global level:

• 89 % of customers use at least one online channel (company website, review sites, or others) to search and learn about products or services
• 70 % of customers use an online channel to obtain customer service and support
• If not relevant enough, organizations get punished: 26 % of the respondents (more than 12,800 in 32 countries) posted a negative comment about a bad customer service or support experience in the past year.
• You better be very specific and personal: 79 % of the respondents get very frustrated when providers promise one thing but deliver another one.
• Muti-channel is something of the past. The digital customers expects a Omni-channel (online andoffline) approach: 79 % of customers find it frustrating having a company ask the same question or market the same offer again and again.
• Inherently mobile means mobile across the board: 46 % of respondents perceive companies use of the mobile channel for sales and marketing effective, but only 34 % perceive mobile channel use effective for service and support

About the research

The Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey is an annual research project that assesses consumer attitudes toward marketing, sales and customer service practices and consumers’ behaviors in response to companies’ practices. This year, Accenture surveyed 12,867 end consumers in 32 countries via the Internet between May 28th and June 6th, 2013. Respondents were asked to evaluate 10 industry sectors.


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