NOS and Ubideo crowd-source live coverage of the Tour de France

The Dutch national broadcasting foundation NOS and live video-streaming startup Ubideo have collaborated on a pilot that will bring a new and innovative dimension to the Tour de France. The pilot will provide a more comprehensive, interactive and impressive experience of the Tour de France in the city of Utrecht on July 4th.

It is expected that Ubideo streamers scattered throughout the city and along the route will be covering the 102nd Tour this year. Streaming from various locations in the city of Utrecht, they will provide a comprehensive live view of the record-breaking 6th “Grand Depart.” Ubideo’s app allows fans to request a live shot of a specific location, or their favorite cyclist, just kilometers away from their current location.

Having the option to jump from one stream to another at different locations while the event is unfolding brings an exciting new dimension to the Tour for the viewer. Ubideo, a spin-off of startup factory Node1, is empowering with this new app, cycling fans – as well as people interested in the setting surrounding the Tour — to experience the city of Utrecht during the opening, all live from different perspectives, as it’s happening. NOS will offer a vivid live compilation of the streams during the event on

So if you also love the Tour, join us and share with the rest of the world the most exhilarating moments of the Tour de France. Download the Ubideo app from the App Store, and visit for more info.

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