DMG Office

De Mandemakers Groep

Back in 1978, opened Ben Mandemakers a kitchen shop in his parents’ garden shed. He had the mission to outperform other kitchen vendors in terms of customer friendliness and quality for a given price. Currently, his company De Mandemakers Groep (DMG), has grown to more than 5.000 employees and over 300 stores where they sell furniture such as beds, kitchens and sanitary for in the bathroom.

Conversion enhancement
Visual Design and development of sales dashboard
AdWords Marketing


The DMG stores belong to over 10 different company formulas focussing on different customer segments. DMG wanted to have a better understanding of how they interact with customers along the sales funnel of each of the company formulas and how this affects their sales numbers. Consumers that are planning to buy furniture usually interact several times with DMG before actually completing the purchase.


With the customer we decided which information we wanted to focus on and iteratively designed a sales dashboard. We, as Node1, implemented this sales dashboard that enables DMG to determine how each of the (micro-)conversions in the customer journey – such as being called, making an appointment, showing up at an appointment, actually making the sale, are affected per company formula by several indicators.

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