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StartupsAnoniem, founded by our partner Samir Saberi, is the place for startup founders, investors, employees, accelerator leads, government officials, and all other startup enthusiasts in the Netherlands to share their stories, ask questions, comment and offer advice anonymously.

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The main problem: how can more information be shared at scale about the how to better build startups in the Netherlands.

As an expert on the Dutch startup ecosystem our partner Samir Saberi determined that though a lot of information is shared about the Dutch startup ecosystem still, a lot of important issues remain unvoiced. Samir Saberi: “If you apply the lean startup theory of build-measure-lean on the ecosystem as a whole, you can easily conclude there is not much learning going on the ecosystem level. “Essentially because a lot of information from which the whole ecosystem could learn and benefit is not shared at scale.

Obviously a lot of issues are shared among peers, but not on the national level. I think we could learn a lot if would have a better, deeper understanding of why some startups and corporate startup programs failed.”


The solution to the problem of a low level of information sharing in the Dutch startup ecosystem isa Q&A platform. A platform that enables all the actors involved to ask questions and offer advice and by doing so propel the Dutch startup ecosystem to the next level. As the groundbreaking research of AnnaLee Saxenian demonstrates the key to the success of Silicon Valley has been their superior level of information sharing across companies, individuals and even competitors.

The process applied to building StartupsAnoniem has been the classic lean startup approach. First a simple WordPress site was built as a MVP. Basic functionalities were built for a Q&A platform. After validating the appetite for asking and answering questions on the platform and customer feedback a new iteration of the platform is built. The focus here was twofold:

  1. Built-in growth engines in the platform, marketing approach, storytelling, website copy and design.
  2. Building the marketplace by acquiring customers on both sides of the market – demand (questions) and supply (people that give advice – answer questions).

The next step is to add relevant features to the platform based on customer development interviews of actors in the ecosystem and apply the growth hacking process to grow the platform.

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