Agile Approach

Today it is important that you see direct results of high quality. We do this with the help of agile development methodologies such as Scrum and / or Kanban. The quality we achieve by test-driven development and code reviews. In addition, we have our DevOps organized so everyone benefits of continuous integration and continuous deployment.
We really understand that people are more important than processes, collaboration is better than negotiation and responding to changes is more important than following a plan. In short; agile is our middle name.

Interaction and Visual Design

Together with the client we define the functional and non-functional requirements. In multiple sessions we sketch the product where the user experience plays a central role. Furthermore, it is important that the product vision and mission is understood by the team.

Interaction design will be followed by visual design. A good product stands or falls on the first impression of the end user. A well detailed design is necessary for the appearance of the product and will determine success.

Web Development

As well as for the front-end as for the back-end we like to develop in JavaScript. Node.js provides a great foundation on which you can run different frameworks or components. We use Express.js or StrongLoop to develop APIs really fast. For the front-end we like to use JavaScript frameworks like React.js, Angular.js and Riot.js. Last but not least; we love API’s and API portals.

Mobile Applications

We love native software, because we believe that this contributes to the best end-user experience. We also like to experiment with new technologies. So, we are happy to develop in React Native, where you have to write it once and it will works across multiple platforms. With a lower budget you’ll get the same result.

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