Growth & Funding

Growth mindset

The insights to know how to grow your business.
The capabilities to actually do it.

If you’re a startup founder or the manager of product development team at a corporate company your most important business goal is growth.
We help you to think thoughtfully about growth strategies right from the get-go and create a growth mindset. By helping you focus on understanding users and how they discover and adopt products we help you build and market products that are designed for growth. Instead of spending sales and marketing money on products people don’t want. We do this via two growth hacking practices we have created: consultancy and training.


With our growth consultancy practice we help startups and corporate clients alike with the achievement of their growth goals.
Depending on your challenges and your specific wishes we provide the following services:

  • Growth Scan
  • Growth Strategy
  • Growth Funding Plan (Public & Private Funding)
  • Growth Execution Plan

Whether you’re part of a startup or the manager of a product development team at a corporate company, you have a competitive advantage if you have a growth mindset. We help you create such a mindset. Such a mindset entails being aware that every instance that influences your product, whether it’s product development, onboarding, design, marketing, engineering, customer support, PR, etc. impacts the prospects of the growth of your company. We help you create a process of identifying growth engines and develop the skills necessary to test and validate them.

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