Business strategy

The rate of innovation has increased in many sectors of our economy. As a result, companies need a more flexible business strategy that allows them to respond immediately to risks and opportunities. Node1 has a team of strategic and creative experts that helps clients determine and communicate their strategy. The team includes experts from all backgrounds, including management consultancy, lean startup, design and growth marketing.

IT strategy

Many IT organisations have been able to organize their teams in an agile fashion. Unfortunately the IT landscape is often not agile at all. We help organisations create IT strategic plans to better support business changes, without loosing stability or reliability. Typically this means a layered architecture with different systems moving at different paces.

API strategy

Many organisations create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to open up new ways of collaboration, to investigate and develop new business models and to improve service to end customers. To achieve these goals, one needs an API strategy that covers business goals, technical and organisational aspects and legal requirements. We help organisations with API strategy, API portal implementation and API marketing. At each step we bring in additional knowledge and practical experience.

Design Thinking
Lean and design thinking

The key to successful product development in crowded markets, is to validate real demand as soon as possible. Node1 helps client speed up this validation by providing additional resources for additional interviews and research. This leads to an increase in the speed of innovation, drastically improving the probability of developing a successful new product or business model.

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