What made you click? Have you clicked because of the picture? Did you like the title? Or are you just interested in the topic? Is it hard for you to answer one of these questions? Then is “What Makes You Click” the event for you.

What is “What Makes You Click”?

What Makes you Click is an event in Amsterdam where you learn how to create products that people can’t put down. Node1 is a digital consulting company that is also working on this development. Therefore is Node1 a network partner for this event. Nir Eyal, as guest speaker during the event writes, consults and teaches on the intersection of psychology, technology and business. He is famous for his bestseller: Hooked: ‘How to build habit-forming products’. The Hook is an experience designed to connect the user’s problem to your solution. With enough frequency to form a habit. Let’s get together in the evening with beer and pizza where Nir will unlock the secrets to the magic of products you can’t put down during a Q&A. Closing with exclusive networking opportunities. Mix and mingle with entrepreneurs, high-growth startup founders and powered marketing- and design teams. By joining this campaign you help make it happen! A half day filled with Inspiration, Interaction & Networking around the HOOKED model with a keynote an Q&A by its creator, behavior design expert Nir Eyal.


You should join because

1: You feel that need to keep checking your Facebook, Instagram or Slack first thing every morning. You want your customers to feel the same about your app.

2: Behavioral design is part of your job because you’re in user experience, strategic design, customer development, design thinking or online marketing.

3: You have read HOOKED and want to use the unique opportunity to meets it’s creator and get feedback on the HOOKED model for your app.

4: You like Pizza’s, Beers and meeting other people

5: You want to stay ahead of your game and join the WMYC community with 2 great events per year


4 hours of Inspiration, Interaction & Networking
Apply directly what you’ve learned and get a peer review.
There are a couple of really good speakers, for example James Williams from Oxford Internet Institute, Edial Dekker from Travelbird, Giulia Calabretta from TU Delft, Bart Schutz from Online Dialogue and last but not least, the special guest Nir Eyal!

For more information and the agenda go to What Makes You Click’s official website and we hope to see you in Amsterdam on may the 17th at 5:00PM.


B. Amsterdam – B1
763A Johan Huizingalaan
11066 VH Amsterdam

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