We are Node1

We are a business savvy team of tech and design brains working together in the centre of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We are passionate about IT consultancy solutions and digital strategies. We build user-centered designed digital products people love to use.

This is what we do

From changing technology and IT to user-centred designed products, all in one digital boutique. Node1’s team harnesses IT and design centric brains to find digital solutions for your business.

Strategy & Business

Node1 takes a human-centred, design based approach combined with deep business insights and know-how of digital technology to help companies build products, innovate and grow. Leveraging our extensive range of IT capabilities we help you transform your company into a business that is ready for the 21st century.

Design & Development

By building digital products and services we help you to improve customer experience and drive additional revenue. Designed and build to drive growth and digital at their core our products and services enable you to build new business models, sustain a competitive advantage and attract the new generation of customers.


Growth & Funding

We help clients to find the shortest path to sustainable growth and competitive advantage by developing a solid growth strategy by factually understanding the customer pain points that products aim te solve. We subsequently apply customer development, data science, design, storytelling et cetera to drive exponential growth. To fuel the growth we provide public funding services from scan to application and compliance.